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C-Thru Graph Ruler
Price: $4.50
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Ladies Victorian Underwear Pattern
If you are a costume enthusiast, but wonder which corset goes with what chemise - look no further! This pattern has the widest size range, the most complete instructions and illustrations, and all the pieces are in one package! (two corset styles, chemise and drawers!) Appropriate for the Victorian period 1837 -1899.

For the high fashion enthusiast, this pattern will enable you to create your own alluring, fashion-foward or fantasy corset to rival those seen on today's fashion runaways!
Both corsets can be made up plain or fancy. The open drawers have a pointed waistband in front and a drawstring closure with 6 tucks and lace trim at the hems. The chemise has three sleeve options, a yoke with a front opening and 6 tucks at the hem with lace trim.

Dore Corset is a straight seam corset with five pieces on each side and comes in B, C, and D cup size.

Silverado Corset has bust gores with six main pattern pieces and comes with A through 4D cup options. Open drawers and a sleeveless chemise are included. All sizes from 6 to 40 are included in the package. Shipping cost is for one pattern to the USA.

Price: $17.99

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Pattern Notcher
Punching tool that produces a narrow U-shaped cut. Used for making matching-point notches on the outer edges of pattern pieces.
Price: $29.95
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Tracing Wheel
Used to transfer markings from pattern onto fabric with or without tracing paper, this sewing tool also makes slotted perforations.
Price: $9.95
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