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501 French Verbs
Barron's is today and always has been the Number-One reference source for verb usage in virtually every major language. Leading all competition, the best selling 501 French Verbs beats all less well-established rivals with its brand-new 6th edition. It's printed in two colors, it features tinted page edges for ease of reference, and it comes with extra help for French language students in the form of a CD-ROM. The book presents the most important and most commonly used French verbs arranged alphabetically with English translations in chart form, one verb per page, and conjugated in all persons and tenses, both active and passive. The accompanying CD-ROM gives students practice exercises in verb conjugation plus a concise grammar review. This combined book and software package is a comprehensive guide to French verb usage with a wealth of reference material and language tips, including a bilingual list of more than 1,250 additional French verbs, helpful expressions and idioms for travelers, and verb drills and short tests with all questions answered and explained.
Price: $16.99
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501 German Verbs
The most commonly used 501 German verbs are arranged alphabetically in a table format, one verb per page with English translation, and conjugated in all tenses and forms. The book's additional features include common idioms with example sentences to demonstrate verb usage and a grammar review. This book includes a bonus CD-ROM enclosed at no additional charge. The CD-ROM presents valuable exercises for students in German sentence completion, word completion, word matching, and conversational dialogue, with answers provided for all exercises.
Price: $18.99
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501 Spanish Verbs
The world's bestselling Spanish verbs reference book has just gotten better! The authors focus directly on a command of Spanish verbs--and fluency in Spanish starts with knowledge of verbs. This new seventh edition shows students and travelers exactly how to use the 501 most common and useful Spanish verbs in all 15 tenses and moods. Each verb is alphabetically listed in easy-to-follow chart form, one verb per page with its English translation. Enclosed with the book are two discs, a CD-ROM with language-learning aids, and an audio CD that reviews the formation and usage of Spanish verb forms.
Price: $16.99
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Merriam-Webster's French-English Dictionary
A bilingual, bidirectional guide to French and North American English with extensive coverage of Canadian French. More than 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Abundant examples of words used in context.
Price: $6.99
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Merriam-Webster's German-English Dictionary
40,000 headwords, 48,000 references and 62,000 translations
Price: $6.50
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Merriam-Webster's Italian-English Dictionary
28,000 headwords, 38,000 references and 55,500 translations
Price: $6.50
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Merriam-Webster's Spanish-English Dictionary
A bilingual, bi-directional guide to Spanish and American English with extensive coverage of Latin-American Spanish. More than 80,000 entries and 100,000 translations. Abundant examples of words used in context.
Price: $6.50
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Random House Webster's American Sign Language Dictionary
This dictionary is a treasury of more than 4,500 signs for the novice and experienced user alike. It includes complete descriptions of each sign, plus full-torso illustrations. There is also a subject index for easy reference as well as alternate signs for the same meaning.
Price: $21.99
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United States Constitution, Study Guide
On July 4, 1776, the United States declared itself a free and independent nation. Two weeks later, the Continental Congress began working on the Articles of Confederation to create a government for the new country. By 1787 that government was found to be ineffective. A convention was called to amend the articles. The delegates quickly realized amendment wasn't enough, a new type of government had to be created. The result of their deliberations was the Constitution of the United States, ratified in 1789. The First Congress proposed ten amendments, known as the Bill of Rights. Over the next 210 years there were seventeen more amendments. This book will help you to read, study and understand the founding documents of our nation as well as the rights and responsibilities of our government and citizens.
Price: $14.70
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