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Between Lions & Lambs
Between Lions & Lambs

N.T. McQueen, paperback
American River College Faculty Author
Everyone has a past including Ezekiel Clemons, the world's most influential and noticeable evangelist. Despite traveling the globe preaching and speaking to hundreds of thousands of followers, this man of God is haunted. At his side is Gerald, a friend and accomplice in hiding Ezekiel's sinful secrets despite his convictions. On the day of one of their televised meetings, faces from their previous lives return and send the two on a journey into what it means to have faith and the reasons for why they believe. Told from Gerald's perspective and a series of flashbacks, the past and present collide as Ezekiel's demons he tried to run from return, forcing him - and Gerald - to acknowledge the things they fear the most. With insight and empathy, N.T. McQueen's provocative novel, Between Lions and Lambs, examines the nature of hypocrisy, the power of redemption and the faithfulness of grace u[ until its shocking conclusion.

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