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Respiratory Care Kit
Respiratory Care Kit

For use in class RC 111.
1 Face Mask Adult Medium Concentration
1 Select-A-Vent Mask Kit
1 Adult Tracheostomy Mask
1 Non-Rebreather W/ Safety Vent
1 Elongated Aerosol Mask Adult
1 Cannula, Over-the-Ear Adult
1 Nebulizer w/Tee, Mouthpiece Tubing Reservoir
1 Coach 2 Incentive Spirometer
1 ORMD Demo Dose® Aero Inhaler
1 Mucus Specimen Trap Sterile 40cc
1 Pocket Nurse® Duffel Bag Empty Black
8 ABG Collection Kit w/Heparin 3mL Syringe
1 Trach Care Kit with 14Fr.Catheter Latex Free
1 TriFlo Cath w/2 Latex Free Gloves Kit 14 Fr
3 Personal Protection Kit Latex Free
1 Pocket Nurse® Handheld Calculator
1 AeroChamber Plus Spacer
1 Full Range Peak Flow Meter
1 7.5" Utility Shear
1 Tracieostomy Care Kit w/ saline & Peroxide LF

Item: 2000809
Price: $145.99


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