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Campina Dorada
Campina Dorada

Cecilia Hernandez, paperback
American River College Faculty Author
Enid Beltrán is a young, clairvoyant girl, who had just had a horrible premonition: she has seen herself being attacked at the hands of a stranger, in the woods that surround her grandparents' state, Campiña Dorada. ("Golden Countryside") Now, committed to spend the next seven days in Campiña Dorada, Enid locks herself up in the mansion, determined to never go near the forest during the week. There she meets mysterious cousin Marco and she finds herself immersed in a web of family secrets and ghosts from the past, chasing the solution to a riddle left by her grandfather, that may give her explanations to her mental abilities... but also to the meaning of her terrible vision of the future. Amid unexpected adventures and new feelings, Enid ends each day grateful to be alive, but knowing it is a day less before the nightmare comes true.

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